Don’t lose your precious memories and data!
MEEM backs your smartphone up everytime you charge!

Have you ever dropped your phone down the toilet,
had it stolen, left it in a taxi or a bar
or had the software upgrade go wrong?
A phone can be replaced, but your memories can’t.
Back up automatically with MEEM every time you charge

How It Works

Download the App, Plug in your Phone and MEEM will start automatically backing up for you. MEEM is a charging cable that automatically backs up the personal data on your device right to the cable, every time you charge it your device with MEEM! Because you charge your phone at least once a day, your personal information is always backed up and completely safe!

Reasons To Believe

Automatically back up every time you charge your phone with no need for the cloud or paying fees. It is your data in your hands. Upgrade to Android from Blackberry or Symbian or just upgrade your Android or iPhone with MEEM.

Simply Simple

Automatically back up all your personal memories every time you charge using MEEM. Available for Android and iPhone.

MEEM Features

update So So Easy

MEEM is so easy it was designed so anybody and everybody can use it

settings_backup_restore 100% Automatic Back Up play_arrow

The Charger that automatically backs up your phone or tablet.

remove_red_eye 100% Visible play_arrow

You can see everything you back up: Every contact, every photo, every video, everything.

phone_iphone Three Devices play_arrow

MEEM can back up any three devices on the cable. Phone or tablet.

security Totally Secure No Cloud play_arrow

No Cloud. Everything is under your control on your cable. No one else will ever see your stuff.

track_changes Lost Phone/Upgrade play_arrow

Restoring data is easy. MEEM can restore your backed-up data to your new Phone with a single swipe.

view_carousel More Space play_arrow

With MEEM archive mode even if you delete the data from your phone or tablet it’s still on MEEM. If you need more space on your phone or tablet, MEEM can help.

devices Platform neutral play_arrow

MEEM can back up and share data from iOS or Android phones and tablets on to the same cable. And it’s all 100% visible.

share Share Data play_arrow

Your backed-up data can be shared by any of the devices you have backed up. Transfer data with a single swipe, from Apple to Android or Android to Apple. As little or as much as you like.